P5 Signature Formal - Bowtie Set


P5 Signature Formal - Bowtie Set SFOBS001

The P5 Neckwear bowtie has a neck size of 13" to 22". There are 6 views with the reversible bowtie. Each bowtie is a two sided, 3" in width, and made with a high quality material. This product is of a very high quality material as we want to be viewed as a premier Haberdasher!

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finest quality clothing

What is PV Designs?

The PV designs brand began because as a speaker Dr. Alvin S. Perry liked to wear a bowtie and he thought it would be a good idea to place a bowtie on his 4 year old son Coleman who attended speaking events with him. PV stands for P5 with the “P” representing Perry and the “V” representing the Roman-Numeral 5, indicating the five members of Dr. Perry’s family. The premium brand consists of neckties, bowties, pocket squares, cufflinks, ascots, infinity scarves, blazers, and uniforms. Dr. Perry’s vision is to provide fashion that would distinguish the wearers of the PV designs brand from every person in the room.